The Beatles Tribute Show
1992 - 2024 - 32 YEARS ON TOUR
"Their show is absolutely amazing! I heards real Beatles after 50 years again!" Allan Williams (first manager of The Beatles - the band than worked with him on concert John Lennon Memorial in Liverpool)

"I was so moved, when I heard them playing in Liverpool, they are absolutely perfect!" - Alistair Taylor (Beatles´ secretary during concert in Liverpool Adelphi)

Booked by footbalplayer Ruud van Nistelroij for wedding party 2004

Booked by Hamburg legend Horst Fascher (owner of famous Star Club) for reconstruction of Roof Top Concert.

Booked for birthday party of British Queen - Elizabeth II. - June 2006

Booked by ice-hockey players of NHL club Chicago Black Hawks for Stanley Cup Party 2013

The Beatles Tribute Show played more than 3800 shows all around The World!


13.01.2024 Havlovice(CZ) - Kulturhaus - concert
20.01.2024 Bovenkarspel(NL) - theater De Tuf - concert
21.01.2024 Deinum(NL) - theater It Holt - concert
27.01.2024 Kraluv Dvur(CZ) - gala concert
30.01.2024 Dresden(DE) - corporate event

03.02.2024 Benatky nad Jizerou(CZ) - gala concert
17.02.2024 Ljubljana(SLO) - Tivoli - concert
21.02.2024 Prague(CZ) - corporate event

07.03.2024 Dobruska(CZ) - kulturhaus - concert
09.03.2024 Hoogwoud(NL) - De Hooghe Heeren - concert
14.03.2024 Den Bosch(NL) - corporate event
15.03.2024 Den Bosch(NL) - corporate event
16.03.2024 Den Bosch(NL) - Brabanthallen - concert
21.03.2024 Munchen(DE) - Munchner Kunstlerhaus - concert

04.04.2024 Kralupy nad Vltavou(CZ) - KD VLTAVA - concert
09.04.2024 Uherske Hradiste(CZ) - KD - concert
18.04.2024 Zevenaar(NL) - theater Het Musiater - concert
19.04.2024 Someren(NL) - theater De Ruchte - concert
20.04.2024 Uvaly(CZ) - private event

11.05.2024 Heerhugowaard(NL) - Waerdse Tempel - concert
13.05.2024 Kosumberk(CZ) - corporate event
16.05.2024 Kladno(CZ) - corporate event
17.05.2024 Rychnov nad Kneznou(CZ) - concert
25.05.2024 Rotterdam(NL) - corporate event
26.05.2024 Rotterdam(NL) - AHOY  - concert - TICKETS
30.05.2024 Silkeborg(DK) - festival Hede Rytmer
31.05.2024 Ceska Lipa(CZ) - private event

01.06.2024 Neznasov(CZ) - city festival
02.06.2024 Olesnica(PL) - city festival
06.06.2024 Usti nad Orlici(CZ) - city festival
08.06.2024 Hillegom(NL) - 60 years ago party
13.06.2024 Copenhagen(DK) - park Bakken
15.06.2024 Sedlcany(CZ) - city festival
22.06.2024 Hudlice(CZ) - festival 15:30 - 16:30
26.06.2024 Prague(CZ) - private event
28.06.2024 Mest Touskov(CZ) - city festival
29.06.2024 Komarov(CZ) - city festival

12.07.2024 Vig(DK) - Vig festival
13.07.2024 Domitz(DE) - Festun - concert - TICKETS
19.07.2024 Dolni Dobrouc(CZ) - private event
20.07.2024 Kozi Hradek(CZ) - concert
21.07.2024 Kremze(CZ) - festival

10.08.2024 Nemsova(SK) - city festival
16.08.2024 Zbecno(CZ) - festival
17.08.2024 Cenkovice(CZ) - city festival
23.08.2024 Horovice(CZ) - concert
29.08.2024 Karlov(CZ) - corporate event

03.09.2024 Karlovy Vary(CZ) - THEARMAL - concert
04.09.2024 Znojmo(CZ) - KD Dukla - concert
07.08.2024 Milotin(CZ) - city festival
14.09.2024 Vlasim(CZ) - corporate event
15.09.2024 Maastricht(NL) - theater concert
26.09.2024 Prague(CZ) - corporate event
28.09.2024 Vrbicany(CZ) - festival
29.09.2024 Rijswijk(NL) - theater concert
30.09.2024 Brno(CZ) - SONO Centrum - concert

01.10.2024 Hradec Kralove(CZ) - ALDIS - concert
02.10.2024 Zlin(CZ) - KongresCenter - concert
03.10.2024 Ostrava(CZ) - Aula GONG - concert
07.10.2024 Usti nad labem(CZ) - KD - concert
09.10.2024 Ceske Budejovice(CZ) - KD Metropol - concert
12.10.2024 Hengelo(NL) - theater concert
13.10.2024 Hoogenveen(NL) - theater concert
18.10.2024 Dortmund(DE) - concert
27.10.2024 Velhoven(NL) - theater concert

01.11.2024 Zaandam(NL) - Theater Bullekerk - concert
04.11.2024 Plzen(CZ) - Parkhotel - concert
08.11.2024 Gribskov(DK) - concert
30.11.2024 Knebel(DK) - Fuglsocentret - concert

12.12.2024 Frydland(CZ) - Cinema - concert
13.12.2024 Praha(CZ) - corporate event
15.12.2024 Den Haag(NL) - theater concert
27.11.2024 Heiloo(NL) - concert
28.12.2024 Volendam(NL) - PX Volendam - concert

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The Beatles Tribute Show Songlist
Twist And Shout
Roll Over Beethoven
She Loves You
Please Please Me
Mr. Postman
All My Loving
It Won´t Be Long
I Saw Her Standing There
This Boy
Eight Day´s A Week
A Hard Day´s Night
From Me To You
In My Life
Drive My Car
Day Tripper
Nowhere Man
Baby´s In Black
A Day In The Life
R´n´R Music
You Can´t Do That
I Need You
Tell Me Why
You´re Going To Lose That Girl
I Feel Fine
I Want To Hold Your Hand
Here Comes The Sun
With A Little Help From My Friends
Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
Getting Better
Come Together
When I´m 64
Sgt. Pepper´s Lonely Hearts Club Band
All You Need Is Love
Here Comes The Sun
Let It Be
Hey Jude
Yellow Submarine


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Tribute Live In TerneuzenLive in Scheldetheater Terneuzen(NL) - 25.11.2017 - watch whole video - it is realy worth to do it!!!

Live In Ortelsburg
The Beatles Tribute Live at "Days and nights of Ortelsburg Festival"

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The Beatles Tribute Show uses own stage backline
- original VOX amplifires, original guitars and drums
- uses own vintage mics, stands
- uses own mixer
- only connection to the PA-system is needed


George Harrison -  Peter "Buquist" Lux - originaly from Malmö Sweden. He is total guitarplayer! Knows all the George´s solos and vocals and all The Beatles conasieurs always admire his great feeling and unique guitar technique. He joined the band in 2003 in Liverpool during Beatleweek festival, because former George was leaving to India by that time. Several American Beatles Tribute Bands wanted him to play with them, but he loves to play in Europe as George of The Beatles Tribute Show.
In his spare time he is touring with variuous american and canadian rock bands  as a guest guitarist when they are in Europe. You can also hear his guitar and vocal on records of many recording artists because he´s freequently hired studio musician.

John Lennon - Ludek Maulis - owner of Lennon´s typical harshing voice. He´s leader on stage and his sense of humour like people all around the Europe. He started to play in variuos Beatles bands in Manchester(UK), where he was working for Airlines in the early 1990´s.

Ringo Starr - Jiri "Gert van der Sraat" Tomisin - He´s real Ringo - real drummer!! When he was a child, he lived in Little Rock - Arkansas(USA) with his parents and he started to play drums when he was 5 years old. His first public concert in rock band he played when he was 11 years old. When he turned 12, his mother moved to Würzburg Germany and he played there drums in brass band. In 1992 he moved to Prague Czech Republic to study drums there at conservatory and in 2002 he met Ludek there and joined him in The Beatles Tribute Show. And since 2002 his perfect drumming beat is heart of the band.

Paul McCartney - Zbynek Maulis - if Geert is heart of the band, Zbynek is brain of The Beatles Tribute Show. He learned to play lefthanded bass because of Paul´s image. He can play also guitar, drums and you can see him by piano playing famous tunes Hey Jude and Let It Be. He knows all the vocals and instrument parts of every Beatles song. When you give him instrument, he can play it in 10 minutes. He is brother of Ludek and they were playing Beatles music when they were children, because their father was member of Beatle band in 1970´s. Zbynek lives on his farm in village near Prague Czech Republic and in his spare time he is working as producer for recording artists.


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